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1st Grade, 1st Attempt, QR Codes

Jessica Vannasdall
Written by Jessica Vannasdall


There are endless uses for QR codes in the classroom, but until you dive in, they are just ideas.  This month the first grade teachers at Highland Oaks Elementary School have committed to finding different ways to integrate QR technology into their curriculum.

The team and I discussed brain research and the need for movement and choice in the classroom so we decided to create an activity where students could review material while moving, collaborating and self-checking.  This lesson was a first attempt to iron out wrinkles and teach the concept of QR codes before  creating more activities.

What we did:

Check out this video of the QR Codes in action

Students found different representations of numbers that were posted around the classroom.  For example, ten frames, expressions and other symbolic representation were glued to pockets and “hidden” around the room. On a record sheet, students decided on a number to hunt for.  When they found a picture of an item that matched the number, they took a QR code out of the pocket posted on the wall and scanned it to see if they were correct.  The symbol was recorded on the answer sheet.

In addition to finding symbols, students also created their own representations of the numbers to increase the level of complexity.

What we learned or will change for next time:

  1. Students had difficulty scanning the cards because the QR reader was confusing the graphics for part of the code.  To fix this, our next project will have foldable cards so that the QR code can be folded back, away from the graphic.
  2. The pouches around the room worked great.  Students were able to take a card from the pocket and bring it back to their Chromebook.  That way, there was no need to carry Chromebooks around the room.  However, the cards had a lot of wear and tear by the end of class.  Lamination is the way to go for the pockets and the cards.
  3. Color coding the cards would help with organization and returning the cards to the correct pockets.  Next time, we will coordinate the background of the image/QR card with the color of the pocket.


Below find the materials from our project.  Feel free to change them, use them and share them.  As we get better at this and have more samples to share, you will find them here.

Number Matching First Grade QR Codes


Number Matching Answer Sheet



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