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Amplify Student Voice with Flipgrid

Lucretia Anton
Written by Lucretia Anton

Have you ever had a student who would never raise their hand to answer a question and you always wondered what they were thinking? What about absent students who had a hard time responding to classroom discussion notes since they weren’t there? What if, as a teacher, you could hear from these students and all students at once? Then, Flipgrid is the tool for you!

Flipgrid allows teachers to create a “grid” or classroom page where topics can be posted and students respond via video. The format looks as if Google Classroom and Padlet were smashed into one page. There is a heading at the top of the page with a class code. Below are small square topic boxes that students can click on to respond.


The best way to understand a new tool is to see it in action. Click HERE to see an example of Mrs. Nakatsuka’s 8th grade students responding to a history topic.

Here are a couple of the coolest parts of Flipgrid:
  • Teachers can monitor videos before they are posted and set share setting.
  • Students can like each other’s posts
  • Transcripts are created & linked to each video.
  • Compatible with Google Classroom & Google Sites
  • Students can record ¬†their presentations & understanding
  • You don’t have to worry about saving and storing student videos!
  • Connect with other students in different periods, classrooms, and globally.¬†
  • Formative assessment
  • Teachers can add recorded feedback for students
  • Amplifies student voice, creativity, and provides instant engagement
There are many ways to implement Flipgrid into your classroom.
  • Book Reviews
  • Reading Logs
  • Character Education
  • Digital Citizenship conversation
  • Explain steps to a math problem
  • Respond to text-literary analysis

How To Create an Account:



Can you think of any other ideas of how to use it in the classroom? Add your Flipgrid video response HERE:


Flipgrid truly ignites a discussion and engages students. Try it today…you won’t regret it!


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Lucretia Anton

Lucretia Anton

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