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Check for Plagiarism without Paying a Fortune

Written by Henley Chu

Have you ever envied schools that had the funds to purchase or subscribe to a plagiarism checker program? Do you feel left out because your school can’t afford one or refused to invest in something they consider unimportant? Are you tired of using free plagiarism checkers on the internet that are choke full of advertisements and pop-ups and may even contain malware? Fret no more. Introducing Google Search.

Below is a sample of a real Native American report that was submitted by a student. Unfortunately, the writing was too good for a fourth grader, and plagiarism was suspected. The name had been deleted to protect the student’s identity.

To check for plagiarism, select a sentence or a phrase from the essay or report that you suspect was plagiarized and copy it. I suggest trying different sentences or phrases from different parts of the essay or report for different results. You can right mouse click the selection and then select ‘copy’, or alternatively, select the text and press CTRL+C.

Paste the text into Google Search using CTRL+V. Alternatively, you can paste the string into Google Chrome browser’s address bar. However, you must enclose the text with quotation marks at the beginning and the ending of the string. By enclosing the string with quotation marks, you are asking Google to search the words in the exact order as shown. Without that, Google will search for strings that contain those words in any order. This would not produce the results you want.

Instantly, Google Search had a match! The student plagiarized the report from one website as shown below. The writing was copied verbatim.

The student was caught, and learned a valuable lesson to never plagiarize again because you the teacher now have the tools at your disposal to stop cheating.

Google Search is quick, easy, ad-free, pop-up free, and most important of all, it doesn’t cost any money.



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