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Chromebook – Stop Motion Animation

Written by Mark Renfrew

There is a free, easy to use app that will allow you to do stop action animation using a Chromebook. The app is called “Stop Motion Animator” The app has already been pushed out to AUSD Chromebooks, others can add the app.

You can use the Chromebook camera to make your movie but you will probably enjoy the flexibility of a web cam. The district has a number of Logitech C270 web cams to loan out. They are around $20 on Amazon if you want to buy your own.

The app. is pretty easy to figure out, but this Screencastify might help.

In the Screencast I mention that you will probably want to change where your movies get saved. Directions for that are here.

Also, if the camera1/camera2 toggle in the app. doesn’t switch to your web cam you may need to manually change using the directions found here.

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