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Chromebooks for Clean Floors!

Jessica Vannasdall
Written by Jessica Vannasdall

Yes, I know that cutting and gluing help with fine motor skills along with many other things.  However, the time it takes students to sort items on a cut and paste activity, may not be worth the time for you to get the data you need.  For a quick check for understanding use drag and drop activities on Google Slides with your little ones.  Provide them with a quick hyperlinked slide show to review a skill, then add a drag and drop page to check for understanding.


Purpose: Review, practice, center, check for understanding

Please feel free to copy, share and use!  Short and Long OO

Update:  For those who are not yet reading independently, here is a differentiated version with images.  You can send this out to students using the new Google Classroom feature that allows you to send specific assignments to specific students.


Here are some additional ideas for how to use Google Slides for drag and drop activities in your primary classroom.


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Jessica Vannasdall