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Creating a Better Timeline

Written by Henley Chu

Are your students tired of making the same boring timelines on construction paper? Are they yawning whenever it comes to social studies, geography, science or biography projects?  There’s a better way to create timelines that is quick, easy, and visually engaging. Introducing Tripline.net.

Tripline.net is a website that offers vacationers and travelers the power to keep track of the places they’ve visited for memory’s sake. The interface is clean, simple, and easy to navigate. As with some websites or applications, this can be repurposed for anything that requires a chronological list or for tracking migration across the globe.

Tripline is based on Google Maps and will give detailed zoom-in resolution as needed by teachers and students alike.

Here is a screen shot of the finish project I created for social studies that tracked Spanish Explorer Vizcaino’s travels to Alta California.

Once an account is created, the user is presented with a screenshot similar to the one below except the ‘My Maps’ library would be empty because you haven’t created any projects yet.

To start, on the top right corner, click ‘New Map’ and give your project a name.

Give your project/map a name and click ‘Create My Map’ at the bottom of the page.

Once a new map project has been created, start typing each location into the box on the right hand column. As you type, the box will display a drop down menu of suggested locations. Select the one you want. Notice that there is also an option to add a date to each location. Repeat the process until you are done with adding locations and their corresponding dates.

If you make a mistake, you can either delete each location or drag it up and down the list like a Google slide or a PowerPoint slide to reorder what comes first and what’s next. To delete, click the upside down arrow button located on the right side of each location row. Select delete from the drop down menu to delete.

Once all your locations have been entered, don’t forget to click ‘Save & Exit’ to save your project.

You will now have a map that resembles something like the picture below. However, you are not done yet. If you want to add a description to each location, there’s a few more steps to do.

To add text to each location, scroll down the page. A list of each location you entered will be displayed in chronological order. Click the edit text icon for each location.

Enter the desired text into the text box.

If you didn’t add a date in the earlier step, you can add it here.

After you are done with entering a description and a date for a particular location click ‘Save Changes’.

Here is an example of my text descriptions I added to my two locations, Acapulco and San Diego.

Below is a video of my final product. Tripline.net is an easy way to create quick timelines while making learning fun for students of all ages. It’s also great for science if you need to track migration.

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