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Gamification with Classcraft

Written by Thao Mai

What is Classcraft?

If you are familiar with Class Dojo and you are teaching older students (Middle and High School), it is worth checking out ClassCraft.  Classcraft is a classroom management tool that is based off of Role Playing Games.  It is a great way to promote independence, accountability, collaboration among students, and is a great motivational tool for student behaviors in class.  Classcraft is likely to appeal more to older students than Classdojo is.  One of the most appealing aspect of Classcraft is its ability to allow for customization of behaviors (both positive and negative).  You can also customize the consequences students will face when they fall into battle by losing all their health points due to inappropriate or undesirable behaviors.


Since using Classcraft in my class, students have been more motivated and invested in their classroom environment.  Since students know they are much more successful working as a team, I have seen more attempts to help one another with students I haven’t seen interact with before.  The class is not only more positive and exciting, but also more productive and collaborative.

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Thao Mai

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