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Are you tired of grading the same old posters and/or lab reports? Do you have students that are not artistically inclined? Infographics are visual ways of representing information and data. They are educational and eye-catching, so they make for a much more interesting read than a traditional hand-drawn poster or old fashioned lab report. Here is a sample Infographic about the Gold Rush in California:

Notice that Infographics have sporadic text, but also include icons, images, and data represented in an interesting way. Instead of just writing a report about a topic, you can strategically place text, images, and in some cases even video to your Infographic. There are several sites out there that will let you create simple Infographics for free, but the best site that I have found is Piktochart.com

Once you sign up for your free account, you can select from several different free templates, like these:

Everything is editable on these templates including:

  • Backgrounds
  • Icons
  • Text
  • Charts
  • Tables
  • Videos
  • Graphics

After a student has made an Infographic, they can make it public and post their link for everyone to see. There is also an option to save their Infographic as a PNG or JPEG file so that they can be printed out to be physically graded.

In biology, we have used Infographics in place of traditional projects about making cell models, labs about ecological effects of pollutants on plants, and posters about bacteria and viruses. In chemistry, we have used Infographics for element research, comparing/contrasting types of molecules, and radioactive decay. In physical science, we have made Infographics for earthquake safety, types of volcanoes, and energy transfer.

If possible, let me know what kinds of Infographics you have had your students make, and as usual, happy hunting!

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Chris Saucedo (Mr. Saucedo)

Chris Saucedo (Mr. Saucedo)

Hello! I have been teaching science (chemistry, biology, physical science, AVID 9, and ELD science) at Arcadia high school for the past four years! My professional interests include: integrating inquiry and NGSS standards into science lessons. My personal interests include: video games, cooking, reading, and running.