Elementary Google Suite Model Lessons

Initial Sound Recognition/Sort

Written by Erin Dahle

Inspired by the #GAFE4Littles movement, students in the kindergarten intervention program at Holly Avenue are demonstrating their understanding of initial sounds and letter correspondence using Google Draw.  During each 30 min. session, students review 3 letters and their letter sounds.  They then login into Google Classroom to open their letter sort activity. From there, it is as simple as drag and drop!

Making your own sort is pretty easy.

  • Start by creating the tree map (or other “grouping” graphic organizer) I just used shapes and lines (and grouped them)
  • Add your standard or “I Can” statement
  • Turn just this part into a background image (avoiding those student “oops…I deleted the chart/part” moments)
    • Download the Draw as a .png (File, download as .png)
    • Open a new draw
    • Right click on the Draw, background, choose the .png you saved
  • Using the extra space around the draw select images that you want the kids to “drag and drop”add-image
    • From the tool bar  (File, Edit,  View, etc) across the top, select Insert, Image, Search
    • Voila…a google search for images without opening another window


  • Once you have added the desired number of images to your sort, you are ready to push it out to the students. I do this using Google Classroom.

Helpful Hint/Lesson Learned

  • I recommend teaching kids to click on the image to drag and have them use the arrows to move the image. Using a touch pad often resizes the images.

Happy sorting!


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