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I like to move it, move it. – Stop motion animation in Kindergarten

Jessica Vannasdall
Written by Jessica Vannasdall

Kindergarten students are studying penguins this month.  They’ve discussed how penguins move and they created a bulletin board of amazing art to show the actions.

Bulletin board of penguin actions

What I did:

I teamed up with Ms. Hawkins Kindergarten students to bring these actions to life. This 3 part lesson introduced students to action words, demonstrated the process of storyboards, and gave all students an opportunity to try their hands at stop motion animation using the free app Stop Motion Animator.  Below you will find instructions, materials, and photos to help you bring this technology to your class.


Kindergarten Verbs Hyperdoc

Kindergarten Verbs Materials

Lesson 1: Introduction to verbs through a game of charades

Some students act out verbs.

Some students act out nouns.

Lesson 2 Demonstration of Stop Motion and Story Board

Flow map of the steps of stop motion.

Demonstration of “click” for each drawn frame.

Lesson 3: Practice and Film


What I learned:

Kindergarten students are very capable given the proper structure.

If I were to do this lesson again

  • I would make the limbs of the penguins bigger so that motions could be seen better on the video
  •  I would make sure there was enough adult supervision if doing this as a class activity.  In Ms. Hawkins’ class,  there were 5 adults in the room with this class as they filmed.
  •  I would make sure to ask for parent or coach volunteers.
  •  If they weren’t available, I would do the final part of this project as a station in a rotation.  Students needed a bit of guidance.  Saving the animation to Google Classroom took a few steps that benefited from adult help.
  • I would create a more stable/permanent set up for the camera and background.  Items got moved around a lot.
  • I would encourage students to film more than 10 frames and to try to more closely caption the action they were trying to show.  Perhaps if I gave them time to play first, the films would have been more focused on the chosen verb.

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