It’s a Mystery in Second Grade!

Written by Jenn Meikle

Mrs. Julie Salvador’s second-graders at Highland Oaks Elementary School had the opportunity to participate in a Mystery Number Hangout with Mrs. Karen Gilmour’s second-grade class in La Canada, CA.  A Mystery Number Hangout is based on the idea of Mystery Skype, where students try to figure out where in the world the other classroom is located, but for our primary students.  During a Mystery Number Hangout, students ask each other close-ended questions to try to figure out the opposing classes mystery number.  Students use their knowledge of number sense, collaboration skills, and critical thinking to determine the mystery number all while meeting another class over the internet.

After a brief introduction, Mrs. Salvador’s class started off asking questions to determine Mrs. Gilmour’s mystery number.  The goal of the students is to try to find one number that has been preselected by the opposing class anywhere from 1 through 120.  Students quickly realize that they need to ask questions that eliminate large amounts of numbers in the first couple of questions to help them narrow their search.

As an outsider coming in to watch the whole process take place, it was fun to watch both classes adjust their questions based on the responses that they received.  In the end, both classes had fun with this digital hangout.

About the author

Jenn Meikle

Instructional Technology Coach (TK-12)