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One Way I Use Google Forms

This year I decided to switch from paper rubrics to online rubrics in hopes to be more efficient with my grading and time. I was introduced to this idea at a Write From The Beginning training I participated in last fall. One of the trainers created a digital version of a commonly used rubric using Google Forms.  The idea is simple yet extremely effective. Each question on the Google Form shares the title with the section in the rubric. For example, one question was titled “Conventions” with the answer options being 1,2,3 and 4.  

To use the digital rubric most effectively, I have one hard copy I reference with the descriptions related to each grade, and then simply input the number I see fit. Once I have graded each item, I click submit and a spreadsheet is created with my entire classes scores. I then highlight all of the low scores which makes it extremely obvious what areas I need to focus my instruction on next. The cool thing about the rubric being a Google Form is that it is easy to edit for future customizable forms. Don’t want to grade “conventions” on the next essay? Simply copy the rubric, and delete the unwanted items.  Using Google Forms has changed the way I grade essays, and I cannot imagine going back.

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Natalie Bertelson (Ms. Bertelson)

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