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QR Person

Written by Jan Dickson

Have you been wanting to use QR codes in your classroom but aren’t sure how to start? This year I introduced my students to QR codes by having them create a person on Google Draw and then write a short paragraph about themselves on a Google Document.  I then had them use the QR Code Extension to create a QR code for their document and paste that code onto the center of their person.  This idea originated from my friend and fellow innovator (and now AUSD colleague!), Leticia Citizen, as she had done this for her own business card.  I thought it was such a cute idea and a great way for students to practice Google Draw skills, writing skills, and extension skills all at once.

Variations for this activity could include having students draw an object or place and then place a QR code on one part of the picture that links to a paragraph describing that place. For example, 4th graders could draw a picture of a mission or an explorer and then link it to a report with a QR code. Likewise, 1st graders could draw a picture of the weather and make one of their clouds a QR code that links to a paragraph or presentation on weather.


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Jan Dickson

For the past 14 years, I've been teaching in AUSD with 12 of those years being in 4th grade. I love learning new innovative ways to enhance my instruction and promote student learning. In my spare time, I enjoy going bowling, walking in the Arboretum, and going to Disneyland.