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Simple Tips for Chromecart Labeling

Written by Erin Dahle

Chromebook Carts+Cords+Kids=Chaos!  Not so!  With a label maker (for the Type A personality like me) or small colored dot stickers, students can easily find, charge, and re-rack Chromebooks (CB’s). Here are some simple steps to take when assembling your Chromecart.


  1. Label CB’s with #’s in 2 places – on the cover of the chromebook & next to where the power charger cord connects
  2. Affix a matching label on the cord (this helps in plugging the correct cord into the correct CB)

Helpful Hints/Lessons Learned:

  1. DO NOT use masking tape – over time is becomes gooey
  2. When labeling the cords, make sure they are plugged into the Chromebook. That way, when the label is placed, you can be sure it is visible.
  3. For “Littles” or primary kids you may like to color coded labels (i.e. red on top row, yellow on middle row, etc…it adds to the ease in calling kids over to collect CB’s)
  4. Assign a student CB collector. They can help you manage the cart.

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