Thinking Maps and Storybird combined!

Storybird is a visual storytelling community for people of all ages and talents, but a creative literacy resource for classrooms! The school version is “Storybird Studio,” where students can browse through collections of beautiful art to inspire poetry and picture books. Storybird especially encourages reluctant readers and writers and it promotes collaboration throughout the writing process.

Class Setup and Privacy

Students join a private and secure class that you set up through an educator’s account, all for free!  Teachers provide settings for each class and will be given a code for students to join through their Google accounts. Students can “follow” each other to share their writing projects. Within your Storybird classroom, student names are hidden, comments are private, and writing projects are housed for easy access. This is great for collaboration and feedback between students!


For added fun, students can download their creations or ask family and friends to purchase printed copies of their work. Assignments can be for poetry, short stories (picture book), and long-form writing (with chapters). Students can co-author writing; however, the collaboration is limited to only two students on one project. My students have asked why they can’t add more collaborators, but sometimes having too many cooks in the kitchen can take away from the experience!  Together, we can appreciate all the possibilities of how art can inspire writing.

Create your teacher account: https://storybird.com/lark/


About the author

Karissa Taylor

Karissa Taylor

English teacher, history enthusiast, antique book collector, and tea lover of First Avenue Middle School.