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Take Your Students Around the World

Written by Janae Williams

Are you looking for a way to motivate your students?  Would you like to take them on a trip to explore a certain topic?  Why not try virtual reality?  Google Expeditions is an exciting app that can make the learning come alive for your students.  You can choose from hundreds of expeditions to lead explorers on.  They can visit locations around the world such as Mount Everest or Aztec and Mayan Ruins.  They can travel into space, deep in the ocean, or even enter the human body.  The expedition app can be used with Google Cardboard to virtually take you anywhere. The expeditions app lists guiding questions, specific points of interest, and provides talking points and information to share with your students.

      My fourth grade students used  Google Cardboard with the Google Streetview App to visit the first Mission in California.  I had students bring their phones from home and download the app.  We put them in the google cardboard and shared with each other.  The students were able to look around and go through the doors of the mission.  Afterward, we listed things we noticed and used the Write From the Beginning strategies to write a zoomed in paragraph about the moment they stepped into the mission.  The students really enjoyed it and it was a great introduction to our California Missions Unit.

About the author

Janae Williams

4th Grade Teacher at Highland Oaks Elementary in Arcadia, Ca, mom of 2 boys, life long learner