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That’s Mine! 1st Grade, Photography, and Possessive Nouns

Jessica Vannasdall
Written by Jessica Vannasdall

I don’t know about you, but I think I learned every single grammar lesson from some sort of workbook or worksheet.  It got worse in high school because we had these tiny books, with tiny font, and our teacher made us copy every exercise from the book onto paper and then write our answer. Complete and total drudgery!

We all know learning happens better, more quickly, and more deeply, when we are connected to the subject matter.  As a teenage girl, there was nothing connecting me to the sentences about direct and indirect objects.  Luckily, teachers of today are more informed and have a larger tool box of instructional strategies to help students connect.

Amy Hargrave, a first grade teacher, is constantly looking for ways for her students to connect and make meaning with the curriculum.  So, when she shared the following slide show with me, I was not surprised.  After learning a bit about possessive nouns, she had students take photographs  of classroom items then use Google Slides to annotate them.  Arrows pointed to objects and students crafted a correctly punctuated sentences to describe the item.  “This is the book’s cover.” is just one of the examples.

I love the way the students used objects that had meaning to them, and that they now have a shared experience that can be recalled during writing lessons throughout the year.  Below is a sample of a student’s work.

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