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Tiki-Toki Timelines

Arcadia Unified uses “TCI History Alive!” for our middle school history curriculum. It is organized by civilization, so we will spend six chapters on Ancient India, six on Ancient China, six on Ancient Greece, etc. Organizing the information this way is amazing because it allows the students an in depth exploration of each civilization, one area at a time. Students explore the religion, economics, social structure, and golden age of each group. The one problem I have found with this is that students have a difficult time understanding that all of these civilizations existed at the same time. There are only two-pages in the back of the book that show a timeline where the students can see a visual representation of each of the major discoveries that were all occurring at the same time. I wanted a tool that students could add to over the course of the year where they could begin to see that these things were going on simultaneously.  Enter is an “online app that allows a person to create interactive multimedia timelines.” You can add images, a description, and videos.    At the end of each Unit I dedicate some time for students to work on their tiki-toki timeline. They are instructed to look at the essential question for the chapter, and pick one event that they feel best illustrates the answer to the essential question. They have to provide a video or picture and a description explaining why they picked the event that they picked. Over the course of the timeline, they begin to understand that these events were occurring at the same time.  


This tool can be used for history, a timeline of events in a book or story, or a report on the events of a person’s life. What areas can you use this tool?


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