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Kristine Morris
Written by Kristine Morris

We wanted to improve teacher training at our site so that new technology knowledge would be grade specific and immediately useful.  We know that the sooner you try using something new the more likely you’ll be to implement it.  So, we took stop motion animation and tripline.net back to our school right after we learned about them at our site tech meeting.  We are visiting each grade level collaboration meeting and brainstorming with them on how to incorporate this new technology with the curriculum.  Together we come up with a single project to be used for Open House.  They are free to make it their own to gain confidence in technology.  District tech coaches and site tech coaches are available for support.

1st grade plans on using Google slides for their animal reports

2nd grade is making stop motion animation movies using their core literature book, Make Way for Ducklings

3rd grade wants to use Tripline to make a timeline of Arcadia history

4th grade will make stop  motion animation movies about Island of the Blue Dolphins

5th grade decided to use Tripline to highlight the 15 colonies

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Kristine Morris